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    Zhejiang Hengda Industrial Group Co., Ltd was established in 1993 and has its headquarter in Zhejiang Xiaoshan, the core area of the Yangtze River Delta with the highest growth potential in China.Through fifteen years¡¯ growth and expansion, Hengda Group has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as steel structure construction,mate rial, environmental protection projects, real estate, commerce and trade. With a total asset of over RMB 2 billion, the company now employs more than 2500 people and owns nine professional compancompanies with a worldwide sales network.
Starting from gaining a foothold in Zhejiang, Hengda Group has been exploring domestic and international market recent years, getting involved in various market sectors, with equal devotion and dedication, and reaping the achievements and honors of Hengda people.
    It is Hengda¡¯s aspiration to train an excellent team through painstaking R&D; attract top-notch talents through tense market competition; and forge an outstanding group through complicated business transactions. The company attaches great importance on technological innovation and employee training, spending huge amount of money in inviting well-known professors from prestigious universities like Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University, and establish a platform for technological innovation for win-win cooperation between universities and enterprises. Currently Hengda is also known as ¡°Zhejiang University of Technology ¨C Hengda Steel Structure R&D Center¡± and ¡°Zhejiang University of Technology Structural Engineering Postgraduate Internship Base¡±.
    Through cooperation with well-known enterprises, universities and colleges as well as professors and experts, and with a strong technical support from experts and leading scientific research institutes in the industry, the company has been attracting talents of various expertises to form an excellent working team. At the same time, the company establishes and constantly improves technological innovation and motivation mechanism, encourages and gives full play to the initiatives of technicians, facilitates commercialization of technological research achievements, makes bold use of new technology, and develops new products by making full use of its own advantage in research and development. Now Hengda Group boasts quite a number of self-developed national-level patents, in which ¡°Combined Truss Steel Crane Girder¡±, ¡°Pre-stress Chord Tension Structure Steel Crane Girder¡± and ¡°New Glue Connecting Technique for Steel Structure¡± of Hengda Steel Structure have obtained Chinese New Practical Patent. ¡°Down Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Technology¡±, ¡°Polyester Waste Water Treatment Technology¡± and ¡°Textile Waste Water Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization Technology¡± of Hengda Environment Protection have been listed as key practical national environment protection technology.
    In 2007, through collaboration with well-known universities, professors and experts in steel structure industry, Hengda Group has obtained certificates of ¡°Grade I Qualification of China Steel Structure Project Contractor¡±, ¡°Extra Grade of China Steel Structure Manufacturer¡± and ¡°Grade A Qualification of Steel Structure Architectural Design¡±. Meanwhile the company has long been recognized as one of Top 100 among all Chinese enterprises in environmental protection industry. The company was awarded ¡°Excellent Chinese Enterprise Citizen¡± for three consecutive years; projects constructed by our company won quite many honors like ¡°Gold Prize for China Steel Structure Construction¡±, ¡°Golden Steel Prize for Shanghai Metal Structure Construction Project¡±, ¡°Golden Steel Prize for Zhejiang Steel Structure Construction¡± and ¡°Qianjiang Cup Excellent Installation Prize¡±; in the past decade the company has been awarded ¡°Enterprise Contribution Prize for China Environmental Protection Industry (Enterprise)¡±, ¡°Best Employer in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°Excellent Innovative Enterprise in Zhejiang¡±, ¡°Well-known Brand for Both Excellent Quality and Service in Zhejiang¡±, ¡°Top 100 Private Technology Enterprise in Zhejiang¡±, ¡°Credible Enterprise in Construction Industry in Zhejiang¡±, ¡°Green Enterprise in Zhejiang¡±, ¡°High-tech Enterprise in Hangzhou¡±, ¡°Contract Observance and Good Faith Unit¡±, ¡°Garden Unit¡± etc. and has been credited Grade AAA credit for 8 consecutive years. Hengda ¡°HD¡± sewage treatment equipment and ¡°HD¡± steel structure are recognized as ¡°well-known brand in Zhejiang¡±¡­ As an active participant and important witness to the decade-long innovation and development of environment protection and steel structure industry in China, Hengda Group keeps promoting the development of relevant industries with advanced concepts, technology and quality products.
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